Timberly Wood Turning

Terry Scott

Creative Woodturning

Welcome to Timberly

                     Gallery At   320 Hunua Rd Papakura  092977051  timberly@xtra.co.nz  Open 9am to 5pm

                   Wood art: Woodturning utilitarian items : Carving tools : Woodturning Machinery 

Being a born and bred New Zealander I have been exposed from birth to the awesome beauty of mother nature that all Kiwis freely enjoy. The amazing changing landscapes of this country and the diverse range of timbers available continue to inspire my woodturning. Such an environment fosters my innate passion and life long commitment to all things wood. In recent years my work has evolved and my creations can now be viewed in terms of wood art. I am honoured to have many such pieces residing in notable collections world wide.

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